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The agricultural sector is the basis from which our food chain starts. The strict rules with which the livestock and horticultural industry must comply increases the pressure to apply efficient systems.

Electrical installations, such as climate control, lighting and vent systems are only a few examples. Without these systems products are kept off the market due to production losses or manufacturing processes are disrupted.


Whether you are planning a construction or renovation, Beemster will draw up an advanced electrical plan for the various electrical systems needed in your greenhouse, barn, process plant or climate cell. Optimizing your current situation can also contribute to sustainability and higher reliability. Solar panelsLED Lighting or maintenance of your product processing machines are just a few examples.

Beemster develops smart designs for a universal system to which you can connect and install different installations. Benefits include less separate control systems and improved data insights. Of course, sustainability and safety are paramount issues at Beemster.

Our engineers are experienced in advising and design of agricultural installations. We also take care of the implementation and maintenance of your systems and offer a 24/7 emergency support.


Beemster supplies to the following agricultural companies:

• Companies specialised in forcing growth in tulips and other flowers
• Bulb manufacturing industry
• Flowers and plants manufacturing industry
• Potatoes and vegetables manufacturing industry
• Livestock and poultry farmers

Curious about our electrical systems that connect your systems and improve efficiency? For more information, please feel free to contact us without any obligation.


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