EPLAN for control panels, switch and distribution boards

Specialists use CAD programme EPLAN Electric P8 to design control panels for switch cabinets, sub-distribution cabinets (SDC) and switch boards.
This professional programme has been specially designed to expedite and simplify work on graphic and object designs for engineering, documentation and maintenance of electrical installations.

EPLAN provides a clear overview of the many data which are essential for the different project phases, such as realisation of production, assembly, commissioning and maintenance of an electrical installation. Data exchange from the different project disciplines is simple. This ensures uniform data use and quality of documentation.

This software allows for electrical engineering to directly collaborate with control technology on one level.

In the agricultural and industrial sector switch cabinets and switch boards are often used in industrial automation., for example to connect the control panels of machines. Subsequently, these control panels are provided with a process visualization for more user convenience.

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