PLC control systems define the success of automation

Without PLC control systems most factories will shut down and offices and machines cannot be used at all. PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers) regulate the automation, control and monitoring of many electrical processes and machines. This is a computer which is specially designed for machine and process control.

By programming PLC’s with software systems, machines and mechanical installations can be automated. Simply put, the PLC carries out the electrical controls as installed by the programmer. A PLC carries out simple automated actions to complex controls of total manufacturing processes.

PLC for remote access

It is also possible to get remote access with a PLC control system. Having remote access to machines, installations and building management systems is a great advantage for electricians. They offer remote assistance services to resolve disruptions in electrical installation, which is also called ‘remote diagnostics’. For companies operating internationally this is a very practical solution.

PLC supplier

Siemens is supplier of the most used software and hardware for the engineering of industrial automation. The reliability and available options offer a lot of advantages.

STEP 7 is an example of reliable software specially designed for the hardware components. The specialists at Beemster Electrical Solutions use this software on a daily basis to obtain the highest possible efficiency in engineering. Via the TIA Portal the different Siemens software packages can be found.

Building management systems more energy-efficient with PLC’s

Modern offices, schools, office buildings and hospitals have building management systems (BMS). This system consists of one or more PLC’s, which provide centralized control of all electrical and mechanical installations of a building. The required technology for the regulation and communication of electrical and mechanical installations is centrally controlled.

In other words, for the centralized shut-down, activation of installations and for the control, operation or collaboration of systems, a BMS is used.

To measure is to know

Apart from centralized control, a building management system provides the benefit of collecting and measuring available data. The PLC’s within the system and the central computer system control and fine-tune the available installations.

A building management system assists in preventing unnecessary energy consumption by climate control installations, ventilation systems or electricity. When a room is not in use it does not need to be heated, lighted or ventilated. A lot of energy and costs can be saved by a building management system.

Other advantages of a PLC control system

Another advantage is that the installations of a building can be carefully managed. Users experience a healthier and more comfortable environment with the controllable building management system. The HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. A professionally installed building management system is easy to operate.

The investment in a PLC controlled building management system can also be integrated with security systems for the prevention of burglary. Examples of security systems are electrically operated doors and windows, access control an CCTV security systems.

Customized building management systems require reliable knowledge about the programming of PLC control systems. All specialists at Beemster are highly-qualified in the implementation of reliable solutions in the fields of engineering, installation, maintenance or project management.

Machine control with a PLC

Integrating a PLC in a machine control device ensures automation of actions or operations, such as easier movement of components, controlling, measuring and correcting the operation of the entire machine.

A programmer needs to have knowledge and creativity to guarantee quality of the automation. The applicable regulations of the Machine Directive stipulate the use of the machine. A PLC control system also provides a safe working environment to the user during the execution of his work. The availability and potential of products also play an important role.

Creating the best possible customized solutions also means creative thinking while executing the engineering activities. Beemster Electrical Solutions has not only wide experience in electrical engineering. Beemster Electrical Solutions is part of the Heilig Group, a group of companies extremely active in standard and customized machinery engineering for various industries. We design complete customized control systems, install them and advise you to make the right decision.

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