Three phased connections in relation to the Low Voltage Directive

Nowadays, most households in the Netherlands have a 3 phase connection. A 3 phase connection is usually a connection of 3 x 25 Ampère or higher. Existing situations can also have a single phase connection to which special attention has to be paid. A 3 phase connection supplies 230V through three wires (also phases).

A 3 phase connection is normally used by companies which utilize this in operating powerful equipment, such as electrical motors, climate installations or machines.

When do you need high-voltage or a 3 phase connection?

If you connect new equipment that require high-voltage levels, your current single phase connection can become overheated. Your main fuse or machine switches off when you use too many appliances simultaneously. You can solve this by connecting all appliances to different phases. For this, you need a 3 phase connection. Some motors in a production facility require a 3 phase connection. Your electrician can install this for you.

Protecting your three phased connection

In the meter cabinet power supply is distributed over groups. These groups are standard single phase and safe up to 16 Ampère. For three phased connections appliances you need a 3 phase fuse board which can handle up to 8,000 Watts when appliances are used simultaneously. Examples are welding machines, heavy equipment, large compressors, a charging point for your electrical car or other devices of over 3,600 Watts.

A 3 phase fuse board has a 4 pole main switch and comprising 4 pole earth-leakage switches. The four connections are for 3 phase wires and the return wire. Since 2011 these systems have been applied quite a lot in new office buildings and houses.

You can recognize a 3 phase fuse board by:
· 220/230V as indicated on the kWh-meter in your meter cabinet
· 380/400V as indicated on the kWh-meter in your meter cabinet
· 4 wires projecting from under your fuse board

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