Customized engineering delivers effective electrical installations

Customized engineering is the basis for an effective electrical installation. Before offering their design plan, Beemster is fully aware of your wishes as a customer. We provide a detailed plan and begin with a detailed description and design. We produce new systems and renovate existing systems or expand them.

Reliable, functional and technical designs

We design the most effective hard and software combination for your installation. All Beemster electrical installation plans are provided with CAD drawings, a description of the required materials and documentation for the assembly, implementation, measurements and testing. We also advise you on maintenance and service.

For Beemster it is important to not only create cost-saving designs for your installation, but also energy-saving designs. We implement LED lighting and solar panels, where possible, to save the environment. Of course, our designs comply to all applicable technical and safety regulations.

A new plan for your electrical installation can also generate profits in reconstructing, expanding or restructuring situations. We examine your existing installation and advise on adaptations, optimization, service and maintenance. This is called reverse engineering.

Your project engineer in diverse branches

Beemster has experience in diverse branches such as industry, utility, infrastructure and construction, but also in agriculture. The applications include:

Low-voltage distributors
Three phased connections
Electrical motors
PLC software and hardware
Motor Control Centres
Visualization with SCADA
Cable support systems and cable trays
Electricity cables and installation cables
Fire detection
Lighting and LED lighting
Solar panels and PV installation
CCTV systems
Climate control in the agricultural sector

Modern software, including CAD programme EPLAN P8

Beemster uses the latest software programmes for the design of your electrical installation. Besides AutoCad and Stabicad we use EPLAN Electric P8, a CAD programme in which all data for the different project phases are clearly specified.


We collaborate with construction companies and project developers, but we also directly work for end users in the construction, utility, industrial and agricultural sectors. We focus on the facilitation of user comfort in your building or installation. Therefore, collectively, we coordinate all functionalities and effectively manage your project.

Would you like to know more about how to achieve the best results from your electrical installation? Our Beemster engineers are more than happy to advise you. For more information, please feel free to contact us without any obligation.

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