Control system of a shredder installation

Location: the Netherlands
Market: Industry

At the end of December 2010, the client submitted a request for the budget for the overhaul of the electrical engineering and control installation of a shredder installation. Since the amount to be invested did not correspond to the client's budget at that time, this was put on the back burner. For the simple reason that the state of the installation does not improve in the years, this did bring the necessary pressure to innovate. In order to determine the electrical hazards to which the employees were exposed, the client invested in a NEN3140 inspection which was carried out and reported by Beemster Electrical Solutions B.V.. Following the translation of the key points from the Inspectorate, together with a clear framing of the scope of the revision, this ultimately led to a splendid assignment for Beemster Electrical Solutions B.V. in 2015.

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