Camera surveillance is a practical aid to monitor your production process or for remote assistance to connect to your customers or colleagues. Companies with large production floors or large working sites can monitor their production progress with camera surveillance.

Take for example, large transshipment companies, production facilities or industrial buildings. You can imagine that it is impossible for operators and managers to be everywhere at once or to manage situations from a distance.

Companies with multiple locations can use camera surveillance to control or monitor situations. Even mobile machines in different countries and locations can easily be monitored.

The benefits of camera surveillance:
• Simple remote monitoring of different locations
• Monitoring several locations simultaneously
• Audio monitoring but also machine performance monitoring
• Integrate GPS systems to monitor active machines
• Monitor active machines in an open field or temporary location
• Integration possibilities to make contact with a machine or product installation via remote control


CCTV is the abbreviation for Closed Circuit TV installation and is a camera surveillance system. Monitoring production processes are available in various customized designs:

When designing a customized CCTV system the following aspects have to be considered:
• size of the installation or machine(s)
• desired accuracy and precision to visualize situations
• available illumination where surveillance takes place
• day or night surveillance
• optical angle which is most suitable in your situation
• registering and recording options
• desired video-output for connection to other systems

Depending on your specific wishes, you can choose the following options for your customized CCTV system:
• specific camera type (3G / IP / Infrared)
• image sensor
• recorder and recording quality
• effective pixels of the camera
• resolution for the camera image
• lens type to determine the optical angle
• shutter speed and sensor choice to measure the amount of light
• white balance to remove unrealistic colour casts
• power of the camera (electricity/ battery)
• the way of connecting images to other systems for further use


Besides monitoring a process it is often desirable to connect the information to the performances of a machine or installation. Therefore it is possible to apply so-called ‘smart-units’.

Examples of information of which more insight can be created:
• processed capacity of a conveyor belt system by connecting a beltweigher or weighing installation
• position (via GPS) to locate the machine anywhere in the world
• performances of the processed materials by a machine compared with the required capacity
• making contact via remote control with the electrical system of the machine (remote support)
• position of the camera and the possibility to change this position via remote control
• detection of different sensors

The abovementioned systems function mainly to monitor and observe production processes. To secure your property and to deter the unauthorized appropriation or theft of valuable items other systems are required.

Designing and installing CCTV systems in different circumstances and locations requires a specialist. Beemster Electrical Solutions has wide experience in designing, supplying, installation and maintenance of these systems. Please feel free to contact us via our contact page.

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