Regular service and maintenance of your electrical installations prevents problems, technical failures and even downtime of manufacturing processes. Beemster mechanics are educated and are experienced in systems within construction, infrastructure and utility, diverse industrial sectors and also in the agricultural sector. We conduct inspections, repairs and maintenance work to your installation, irrespective of the installation company that supplied you.

The machine park of your company must be safe, efficient and cost-effective.
Therefore, a good maintenance plan is inevitable. Reliable maintenance will prolong the lifetime of a machine or installation. Moreover, maintenance reduces the chance of unwanted production downtimes and breakdowns.
Our customers conduct a lot of maintenance work. This is mainly interesting when maintenance work is needed on a regular basis.
The technical service at Beemster Electrical Solutions is supplementary to that in a specific branch. A lot of expertise is needed and specific situations require specific mechanical, electrical and software solutions. We provide advice and offer customized solutions without any obligation. For more information about our technical services, please call us on + 31 (72) – 57 112 82 or send an email to:

Reliable company resources guarantee a consistent planning, quality and profits for your company.

The diagram hereunder shows the main causes of damage which can affect your company. Of this electricity is one of the most significant. (source: FM Global / Schneider Electric).

Service and maintenance

Drie maanden na in bedrijf name dienen alle elektrische verbindingen gecontroleerd te worden op het aanhaalmoment welke daarbij benodigd is. Deze werkzaamheden zijn benodigd daar 34% van de storingen worden veroorzaakt door losse aansluitingen (bron: Schneider Electric).

Service and maintenance


Timely maintenance and reliable repairs using high-quality materials will keep your installations operational and in perfect condition. Furthermore, your installation will be compliant with the applicable legal regulations and latest automation requirements.


Beemster advises, designs, supplies, installs and implements services for the upgrade, adaptation and transfer of complete or partial systems. This enables you to expand, improve and enhance sustainability of your manufacturing processes.


Regular inspections lower the risk of unexpected repairs and related costs and reduce breakdowns. Our experienced mechanics check your system for safety, wear, sustainability and good electrical condition.


Apart from incidental service and maintenance, Beemster offers periodical inspection contracts. Depending on your demands, our mechanics check the general condition of your installation, legal requirements, safety and sustainability.
This guarantees and improves the maximum performance of your system. Beemster distinguishes:

• Inspection Maintenance Contract: an agreement for periodical inspection of your electrical systems. We also advise in eventual improvements to prevent breakdowns.
• Preventive Maintenance Contract: an agreement for periodical inspection and maintenance to prevent unexpected breakdown and maximize the reliability of your system.

The benefits of a Beemster contract for your installation include:
• We stock high-quality spare parts for fast repairs, maximum performance of your system and limited breakdowns
• Up-to-date inspections, repairs and maintenance reports
• No unexpected costs for emergency inspections
• Customized offers for repairs and spare parts
• Your system is always in perfect working order

For more information about our contracts and a customized offer, please contact our office in Heerhugowaard on + 31 (72) – 57 112 82 .

For emergency repair assistance, please contact our Repair and Maintenance department. You can contact us 24/7 on our emergency number.

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