Beemster services for electrical systems

Beemster is an allround electrical installation company. We supply a variety of services in diverse markets and that is not without a reason.

During the years, our basis has not changed: supplying excellent electrical systems is still our main goal. However, applications have changed, and, therefore, we have extended our scope. Besides the construction sector we also operate in the industrial sector. We gained experience in applications which had become more and more automated. Nowadays, our customers benefit from our multiple cross-market solutions we offer.


From our experience we know that hiring us at an early stage has the following advantages.

  • We design and process the most efficient solution.
  • Your project is more effective and quicker due to the successful collaboration with installation technicians and partners.
  • We implement solutions to the highest possible level.
  • We advise on implementing cost savings.

Learn more about the services Beemster offers on the next pages. For more information, please feel free to contact us without any obligation.