MCC is the abbreviation for Motor Control Centre. This electronical heart of motor-driven process installations provides centralized control of machines in production systems and factories and monitors the systems. The switch cabinets within this system perform different drive functions.

The switch cabinets contain manually operated switches or PLC’s for further automation. MCC can also be supplied with a SCADA system for the control visualization of machines and devices.

SCADA visualizes control panels of installations onto computers and screens in a simple way. A centralized control eliminates the need for local control. Furthermore, different control panels can be easily combined.


Smart engineering and the latest CAD drawing programmes lead to a more efficient control of installations. Larger Motor Control Centres require a structured design, which is preferably executed by a professional project team. For each MCC the project team will take into consideration the following aspects.

A MCC detects system breakdowns or technical failures. Subsequently, the user can directly shut-off the systems with a centralized control function.

Regulated control
Many machines can have lower or higher voltage levels at starting-up than they have when in full operation. For a regulated control of motors in the manufacturing process MCC’s are equipped with variable frequency drives and softstarters.

A variable frequency drive (VFD), also called a frequency converter, ensures an electrical switch. The variable frequency drive converts a basic fixed frequency to a variable frequency, but will maintain the torque.

At higher starting currents or high torques in electrical motors a softstarter is used. At starting-up the motor is not subjected to maximum voltage. The softstarter provides a regulated voltage increase and at the same time the absorbed current is limited.

The importance of good ventilation
It is important to have a good ventilation system in your Motor Control Centre. Industrial areas are surrounded with dust and other contaminations and so your ventilation system is of major importance . Good ventilation will keep the MCC reliable and prevents overheating.

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