SCIOS inspection

How often do you hear that damage from fire was preventable? Everything is electric these days. We can’t live without it anymore. But this requires a periodic and professional inspection. Beemster checks your installation according to the regulations of the SCIOS inspection.

For your own safety but also for your valuables and real estate. Insurers are tightening the requirements and rules on this. Make sure you are well informed in order not to end up empty-handed.


Beemster Electrical Solutions expands her portfolio and is SCIOS certified for Scope 8, Scope 10 and Scope 12.

The SCIOS foundation owns, manages and develops the quality system for owners of installations and inspection and installation companies for the inspection and maintenance of technical installations.

This quality system is incorporated in the SCIOS certification rules and regulations and is owned by the SCIOS foundation.

Only companies that have a SCIOS Certificate issued by one of the accredited certification bodies (CI) are SCIOS-certified companies. Only these companies are allowed to carry out SCIOS inspections.

Inspection of electrical installations prevents unnecessary costs

Not only the law but also insurance companies require that your electrical installations should be inspected periodically by a certified installation technician or inspection authority. Beemster is your management and inspection, so we design and supply electrical systems, but also assist in testing, maintenance and service.

We inspect your installation in accordance with the applicable regulations. We record our results in a report.

From making costs to cost savings

Besides complying with legal regulations, periodical inspections also offer the following advantages:

• compliance with the requirements of the insurance companies
• working with a safe installation
• precautionary and prompt detection of eventual defects prevents delays by downtime and is cost-saving because damage does not occur

Beemster also offers maintenance and service contracts. Early detection of defects is cost-saving and diminishes long-term downtime by unforeseen maintenance.

We are here to advise on management and inspection and provide you with a customized solution. For more information, please feel free to contact our office in Heerhugowaard without any obligation.

Beemster takes care of your installations! Please contact us for more information.

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SCIOS inspection
SCIOS inspection
SCIOS inspection
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