SCIOS inspection scope 8: Electrical installations

Beemster Electrical Solutions is SCIOS certified for Scope 8, Scope 10 and Scope 12. With a SCIOS inspection, you ensure that you meet both the requirements of insurers and those of the Working Conditions Act. Have your Scope inspections carried out promptly and professionally by our certified inspectors. This will prevent unexpected damage and downtime of your company.

What is a Scope 8 SCIOS inspection?

Scope 8 is based on the Dutch NEN 3140 standard ‘Management of electrical installations – low voltage’. According to this standard, electrical installations must be inspected periodically to meet the specified safety requirements.

With this inspection, Beemster carries out a periodic inspection of a preventive nature. It prevents possible damage to the electrical installation and ensures a safe working environment for your staff. Many insurers make this mandatory because of the reduction of fire risks and breakdowns in your premises.

Scope 8 implementation

Beemster provides periodical inspections for installations, which we carry out professionally. Our Beemster inspector draws up a professional report that concludes the condition of the electrical installation and whether there are any repair points. The report determines how long the inspection is valid.

First Special Inspection (EBI)

The First Special Inspection (FSI) arose from requests from some large clients to inspect the entire electrical installation using a certified method. SCIOS Scope 8 is split into two areas of work, namely a Periodic Inspection (PI) and an optional FSI (First Special Inspection). A PI is carried out on existing electrical installations and an FSI can be carried out on installations put into service for the first time. There is no need for an FSI to precede a PI.

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Scope 8
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