The major challenge facing the construction sector is sustainable procurement; using sustainable materials that have a long life cycle, but which also keep their energy consumption low during their life.

Besides sustainability in this sector the industrial systems must comply with the highest safety standards. Additionally, these systems combine all functionalities with each other: basic electrical connections, control systems, computer systems, machines, etc.


Energy saving solutions deliver the fastest returns, especially in the construction, utility and infrastructure branches. For instance, smart meters, led lighting and solar panels. Sustainable energy does less harm to the environment. Smart meters record the consumption of electric energy and measure when a room or space is empty, which will lead to lower energy consumptions and financial savings. In addition, smart meters have a positive effect on society.

Sustainability is also an important topic for the logistics sector. For centuries, The Netherlands have been playing a key role in the global market because of their strategic position and well-structured logistics. More and more, the most recent solutions are electrical solutions for automation in transport and transhipment centres.

Beemster has wide experience in these sectors and understands that collaborating with different parties will lead to the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.


Our engineers are experienced in the design, implementation and maintenance of installations and systems for:

• New construction and renovation projects
• Cold stores
• Logistics and transport
• Distribution centres
• Pumping stations, sluices and bridges

Beemster is more than happy to help you and has the perfect solution for every problem. Curious about what Beemster can do for your business? For more information, please feel free to contact us without any obligation.


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