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We provide electrical solutions, big and small

In 2023 Beemster celebrates its 100th anniversary. For over almost a century we have been active in technology and electrical engineering. We saw developments come and go. We followed the movements of the market and grew correspondingly with innovations and automation.

Nowadays, hardware and software are inextricably linked to electrical installations and each sub-market requires specific applications. Beemster focusses on 3 markets:


Our focus in these markets while keeping pace with the developments within these markets means that we always maintain our knowledge and experience at the highest level. We offer a broad selection of services and consider the needs of our customers. We listen carefully to our customers and offer customized solutions instead of standard solutions.


We work within a structured framework. In this way, each project is implemented in the most efficient way in the fields of engineering, project management, installation, implementation, inspection and maintenance. Meanwhile we offer innovative cross-market solutions. Challenges occurring within one market may lead to solutions that can be applied in other markets.

Total solution

Hire Beemster at an early stage of your project and we assist in the new construction, renovation or adaptation of your system. In this way we can offer the best possible total solution for your electrical system by taking the following into account:

  • engineering
  • safety
  • sustainability
  • partners and collaboration
  • costs

Beemster is part of Heilig Group. This connection with Heilig Group means that we can offer financial stability to our customers. The expertise and experience in industrial technology of the complete group leads to major innovations.

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Our certificates

Beemster Electrical Solutions B.V. has a quality management system that meets the requirements of the standards VCA* 2017/6.0, ISO 9001 and SCIOS Scope 8 and 10 certificate.



It all started in 1978 when N.M. Heilig B.V. was founded by Nicolaas Maria Heilig. The company started out with one welding machine, followed by the maintenance and production of various machinery. These services were the cause of an unrivaled success and, during the years, lead to specialization and acquisition of related businesses in machinery and installations for the bulk handling and recycling industry. In fulfilling our mission to offer our clients full-service in engineering, developing, manufacturing, and installing, we have extended Heilig Group to what it is today. A group formed by individual companies offering a whole concept of solutions in recycling, waste management, bulk handling, wood processing, heat exchanging, industrial mixing, and electrotechnology. Heilig Group companies, located in different European countries, compose a powerful and leading conglomerate serving customers all over the world.


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