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There is a large selection of electricity cables, installation cables, fiber-optic cables, control cables, data cables and medium-voltage cables. Therefore, it is not easy to make your choice. For which application do you choose which cable type? Moreover, it is important to choose the most efficient cable for your machine or installation.

The type of cable you choose, its thickness or diameter depends on the amount of current, surroundings and the distance to be covered. Do you prefer a budget or a durable solution? Is the cable installed above or under the ground? Are you familiar with the safety requirements as stipulated in the CPR?

Your choice for a particular cable will also affect your choice for matching systems like cable ducts, cable support systems, cable glands and clamps/brackets. A professional connection requires professional advice and installation.


Extended expertise is required for choosing the right electricity cable. Apart from the regular Dutch types like XMvK, YMvK or YMvK- axis cables there is a wide range of international cable types.

Technicians advise which cable types comply with the functional requirements and explain the advantages and disadvantages. They also take the safety risks into account. Their considered advice makes it feasible to make a decision.

The Beemster specialists have wide experience in different applications in the industrialconstructional and agricultural markets and take care of all your needs. We use state-of-the-art software programs to choose the right cables. Application, voltage loss and short-circuit capacity are taken into account. We provide a fast delivery service of stock cables and offer competitive prices for installation.

Would you like to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of functionality and durability and relating costs? Please call us or send an email for a quick and reliable advice.

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