Agricultural companies need a specific climate to obtain and maintain the quality of their products. For instance, in warehouses it is required to maintain a strict climate policy for the long-term storage of products. Other products require (temporary) heat or cold storage. Sometimes a climate requires additional nitrogen, for example when processing potatoes, cabbage, vegetables, fruit or bulbs of flowers and plants. Examples of climate control:

• Companies specialised in forcing growth in tulips, lilies, peonies and other flowers
• Drying of products, for example bulbs with ‘pressure walls’ or ‘suction walls’
• Cold stores for cooling products
• Climate chambers or climate cells for cooling and drying
• ULO-cells (ultra-low oxygen) for a low oxygen climate to extend the life of food and vegetable products for sales and consumption
• Controlled Atmosphere storage (CA storage) for a low oxygen climate and higher CO2 levels
• Controlling of energy screens and shading screens in greenhouses for the control of light, light transmittance and warmth
• Controlling of windows and ridge roof windows in greenhouses and buildings for the direct removal of moisture or for temperature adaptation

An electrical installation with an optimal control system is of utmost importance for the performances of agricultural companies. Every company has its own requirements regarding functionalities and control systems. Moreover, these have to fit into the complete production process and procedure. A standard solution therefore, is not the answer to the problem.

Specialized technicians meet the needs of their customers by providing reliable advice, elaborate designs and a professional installation. Success is defined by the development, design and implementation of the electrical installation, climate computers and controlling systems.

Beemster Electrical Solutions has wide experience in the agricultural sector and provides advice in designing a complete customized and professional installation. For more information, please feel free to contact us without any obligation.


Beemster Electrical Solution has developed Celnet, a system for centralized climate control. The system measures, regulates, controls and records a climate. Of course, Celnet can be connected to your central control computer or space.

The basic principle of Celnet is to create a certain climate within a space to the desired settings and to maintain these in the most optimal way. Connections can be realised by heating, cooling, air circulation and humidification, depending on your wishes and needs.

Celnet provides simple insight and control of temperature and humidity in different climate cells. The information of several cells provides a direct and clear overview and are controlled with upper limits and lower limits. At exceedance, Celnet controls air valves, mixing valves, cooling, heating and ventilators for fresh air.

The climate system data and performances can be historically viewed. Remote insight is also possible, for example from your home. You are directly alarmed about unwanted level exceeding, technical failures or unexpected changes. These alerts can be forwarded to your mobile phone or e-mail address.

The CelnNet system consists of:
• industrial computer / IPC
• Celpro, (for communication between the local I/O network and the IPC network)
• central processing unit (CPU Vocom V51CPU)
• electronic printed circuits (for communication to controls and regulations)
• hand terminal for reading out settings and modifications
• temperature and humidity transmitters and sensors
• sensor units for precise measuring of relative humidity and temperature. These provide accurate measurements of the dew point, moisture deficit, energy content and absolute humidity.
• satellites: the measuring station (analogue satellite) and control (digital satellite). The Satellites are connected to a 2 wire bus system
• electrical switch cabinets for the control of evaporators, air valves, heaters and ventilators
• ethylene analysers of MACView® (for measuring the plant hormone Ethylene)

Besides the regular control program Celnet offers specialist software for:
• phased dry regulating in moisture deficits
• priority regulation of climate quantities
• humidification
• air valve control
• gas control
• control and time registration for all equipment
• decentralised and centralised cooling
• control of different boilers
• CHP energy and heating regulation
• regulation of steam cells to make bulbs ‘ready to be peel’
• recording and regulation of energy, such as gas and electricity
• frequency converter control of ventilators and cooling motors
• detailed display of diagrams
• Windows compatible

Please feel free to contact us for customized advice and more information. Our specialists are more than happy to explain you more about the Cell Net developed by Beemster Electrical Solutions.

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