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Solar panels convert daylight into electricity and are very interesting for major energy consumers. Besides generating sustainable energy, solar panels can also make a big difference to your energy bill. Buying solar panels, also called a PV installation, requires some preparations. You need to estimate the most effective power output for your situation and check whether you are eligible for a subsidy. It is not simple to find the applicable regulations and procedures required.

In this article we inform you about this governmental subsidy. For more information on return calculations, cost plans and subsidy applications please contact Beemster Electrical Solutions.


People often wonder if there is a difference between PV panels and solar panels. Both terms are used in the energy sector and have the exact same meaning, only the names are different. PV is English and is the abbreviation of ‘Photo Voltaic’. Here ‘Photo’ means light and ‘voltaic’ electricity.


Sustainable energy can be generated from biomass, geothermal techniques, water, wind or sun power. You can apply for a subsidy for the production of sustainable energy with PV solar panels (Solar-PV) with a capacity ≥ 15 kWp and a large-scale energy connection to the grid.

If your organisation considers to generate sustainable energy you probably are eligible for a subsidy. The government stimulates these activities via SDE (Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production) programmes.

Production of sustainable energy is not always profitable because the cost price is higher than the market price. The difference is called the unprofitable component. SDE compensates producers for this unprofitable component for a period of 8, 12 or 15 years, depending on the technology used and the quantity of sustainable energy you produce.

As in previous years, there are two application rounds for SDE. There is one budget (for all categories together) per round of applications.

Make sure your application includes proper justification for your project, a thorough feasibility study and all necessary permits. Only the intended producer may apply for the SDE. If the applicant does not intend to set up and operate the production installation himself, the application will not be considered.

For many companies it is not simple to apply for a subsidy. You need to have knowledge about the possibilities of sustainable technology and have to set up and elaborate the applicable documentation. Therefore, it is recommendable to know if you are eligible for a subsidy.

It takes time and specific knowledge to find out the actual costs and eventual profits. Therefore, it is recommendable to hire a professional third party that can do this work for you. Beemster Electrical Solutions has wide experience in SDE-projects for solar panels and assists you throughout the whole project and supplies the complete installation.

Would you like to have solar panels on the rooftop of your new building or in a solar park layout? We provide all the required information and documents for your environmental permit. If this permit is not necessary, we can also provide you with the relevant documentation to prove this permit is not necessary.

For more information about the next application round for SDE, please feel free to contact Beemster Electrical Solutions.

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