We are proud to inform you that Beemster Electrical Solutions has an InstallQ approval.

InstallQ and installers who are familiar with the laws and regulations in their field receive an InstallQ approval. They know how to apply these regulations properly and safely in practice. They are regularly checked and tested on these practices.

Safe installations of good quality is the goal of Beemster and with a recognition in this area we can be proud of. 2023 Beemster exists 100 years. We have been engaged in engineering and electrical engineering for nearly a century. We have seen trends come and go and we followed the movements in the markets and grew along with innovations and automation.

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Beemster is part of Heilig Group. The connection with the Heilig Group offers our customers financial stability and access to the knowledge and experience of the entire group in industrial technology. Can we help you? Contact us today. Beemster Electrical Solutions B.V. has a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the VCA * 2008 / 5.1 and ISO 9001 standard.

About InstallQ

InstallQ monitors the installations that the Netherlands uses (on a daily basis) with quality regulations.

To achieve its goal, InstallQ develops and manages a wide range of quality schemes for the entire installation sector. We recognize installers and companies and inform about certification. In addition, InstallQ accredits exams, training and further training in installation technology. The InstallQ logo is proof of knowledge and expertise. Your installer, consultant or installation company has been checked in his or her field for certain professional competence requirements. Activities are performed in accordance with the applicable standards and requirements, including the Building Decree and the NEN standards that apply.

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