Beemster advice: from subsidy to big data

Electrical engineering is considered as a practical skill. Using a well-considered design and high-quality materials ensures an excellent, professional and customized installation. However, prior to installation or design, Beemster can also advise you on subsidies for sustainable energy production and big data optimization of your system.

Subsidy applications of sustainable energy (SDE) for solar panels

If your organisation considers to generate sustainable energy from biomass, geothermal techniques, water, wind or sun power, you probably are eligible for a subsidy. The government stimulates these activities via SDE (Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production) programmes. It is not simple to find your way in the applicable regulations and procedures related to these subsidies.

Beemster has wide experience in calculating the financial benefits for solar panels and PV (photovoltaic) installations. We will assist you in the SDE project for solar panels. We also supply complete installations for rooftops and solar field parks.

For more information, please consult our solar panel expertise page. You can also contact us directly. We are more than happy to help you.

Big Data optimization of systems

Collecting or reading out relevant information (data) within your business processes provides a better insight into the needs, performances and profits. The collected data are then filtered and converted into readable reports, such as diagrams, figures and counters. These data will provide a better insight in the processes. Based on the measured figures you can control and optimize your electrical installations even more accurately or use these data for management decisions.

Beemster can install measuring points and instruments on different positions of your electrical installation, whether this is a new or existing electrical installation. For more information about optimization, please feel free to contact us without any obligation.

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